Friday , 22 September 2017
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Girl friend

Girlfriend A friend with whom I share, Every little thing  that happens in my life, All those small fights Brings us even closer. She is the queen Of my past life and my future dreams She is my love, She is my life. For me she is Greater than GOD And greatest of all. My life starts with her And …

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INOX Bhubaneswar: Trial Show Review


INOX Bhubaneswar, loads of expectations and hopes for the so-long-awaited multiplex. The multiplex comes with 3 auditoriums, well decorated and well-kept. Settled on 4th Floor of Bhawani Mall one has to face multiple security checks before entering the leeway. For now, you’ll be escorted by their corps to your respective auditorium. Auditorium-1 is large, spacious and comforting. The steps are …

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A friend of all So strong and tall   Rules the crowd all around Silently making a melodic sound   People invite it and enjoy Saying goodbye to the life lived being coy   Multitudes tried introducing But I denied losing   Passersby’s words were aloud Also then, I raised a doubt   The unknown feeling haunts me still Making …

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A fulfilment in emptiness……


From the abode of moon and stars To the boat of soil and grass You come to drench me   As an unwelcomed guest to many Coming your own way honey You please me   Free from every rule Sticking to the nature’s glue You titillate me With myriad of drops Fulfilling all hopes You gratify me   You are …

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See through my eyes

see my

See through my eyes, U can see what I see… See through my eyes, U can see what I see… I don’t know what the colour is What the flower is but U can see through my eyes. I haven’t seen the God, I haven’t seen what U say is but for me who loves me who holds my hand …

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Recapitulation :- WINGS OF FIRE

 While skimming through the mountains of books in the book fair in the month of December when cool winter bridge made me shiver, I found some short of temptation within me when I got a book, biography of a Muslim person and started from the words of VEDAS. It was a little bit awkward for me and that compelled me …

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