Friday , 22 September 2017
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Winter Fashion

winter coats

Winter has already started and you can’t plan to go out with only shorts and tees in your wardrobe. But you need not worry at all about the dressing in the coldest season of the year as in this article we will help you out to solve this problem. This will help you look stylish as well as fashionable even …

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RayBan – virtual mirror – wear goggles live !!


The augmented reality concept prevents users from having to move store. The name of this clever system is Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror. Using this a person can try out different glasses directly on his/her face 🙂 WHat’s more, you can see how the glasses looks on your face before going to a store and buying it. Although its true that it …

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Hi… Some of my friends believe that, I have a very good sense of choice when it comes to shopping. They always ask me to accompany them for choosing wardrobe which will suit their personality and make them look better. Here, I will be briefing you about cardigans.  Most of us think that, it’s a winter item. On contrary, there …

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Fashion: Casual,stylish,trendy outfits for boys

cool look with blazer,tees n hoodies2

Hi… Once for a birthday party of one of my friends, I couldn’t find any new or different outfit to wear. Nothing came to my mind that will represent a fashion statement. So, I went there in black jeans, black printed t-shirt with an old black blazer, white belt and canvases. I created a fashion of my own. When I …

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Fashion for Girls


  Being girls, we define FASHION… and for us it changes with season. Here’s some info about recent fashion trends: Baggy tops mostly made of free flowing fabrics that comes in different colors, print, design and suits any type of figure. With that you can try colorful single shade jeans/trousers like maroon, red, navy blue, green. Most of us don’t …

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Hi friends, happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you…… For this type of occasions means pujas, normally people like to wear jeans, t-shirts n many other things, but now a days people are becoming very style conscious, that’s why they like to wear kurtas but it won’t suit on everyone. If your height is quite small then it’s better not …

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