Elitmus Question Paper

Elitmus Question Paper

Elitmus Question Paper

ELitmus or pH Test is India’s largest assessment and recruiting company for the freshers.pH test is also known as Hiring Potential Test.

How to take ELitmus Test/ pH test:

The candidates interested for the Elitmus Test, first have to register for the test. After the registration, you will be given a particular test date and center. pH test is conducted across the country in selected cities.

To know more about pH test: CLICK HERE

Eligibility of ELitmus Test/ pH test:

The candidate must be in pre-final year, final year or a graduate.

ELitmus Question Paper Pattern:

In ELitmus Question Paper, there are generally 3 sections.

Section A : Quantitative Ability (20 Questions)

Section B: Problem Solving (20 Questions )

Section C: Verbal Ability (20 Questions)

Each section of the ELitmus Question Paper consists of 20 questions. Maximum marks of a ELitmus Question Paper is 600. All the questions are objective type and multiple choices are given for each answer. But each question doesn’t carry equal mark as difficulty level of each question is different. So answering a difficult question will yield you more marks than answering an easy one.

ELitmus Question Paper : How to Prepare?

For the aptitude section of ELitmus Question Paper, you need to read the book of Arun Sharma. In the ELitmus Question Paper, you will find some direct questions from that book. For the verbal section, there will be questions from sentence from sentence correction, reading comprehension and vocabulary. In the problem solving section of Elitmus Latest Question Paper, you will get questions from data interpretation, puzzle and critical reasoning.

We have a test paper which was recently  conducted by Elitmus.

Elitmus(Download Link)

Password : fakengineer.com

To download practice Paper: CLICK HERE

What is a good score in pH Test?

A score of more than 90 percentile can be considered as a good score in pH Test. As the Elitmus Latest Question Paper is a bit on the tougher side, an attempt of around 11-12 questions in each section will ensure you a good score.

Minimum pH score required to get a call:

The minimum percentile that a candidate is required to score is 70 percentile. With this score, you are eligible for all the companies that recruit through ELitmus.

To know the date of next Elitmus Test: CLICK HERE

To register for Elitmus Test: CLICK HERE

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