KFC in Bhubaneswar


So the foodies of Bhubaneswar- keep your fingers crossed!!! Here we are breaking the news that all of you were waiting for. Finally, KFC is going to open its first outlet in Bhubaneswar in Bhawani Mall. Bhawani Mall is the same shopping mall that hosts the city’s first multiplex- INOX.

Though the exact opening date is yet to be disclosed by the Bhawani Mall authorities, sources say that it will be opened in the last week of January or at the beginning of February. There are also rumors that the city will witness its first ever KFC on the occasion of valentine’s day i.e on February 14.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC ), which has made history in chicken making after its inception in 1890, is certainly going to increase the brand value of the city. After the news of opening of INOX, now the opening of KFC in Bhubaneswar is set to place the city in the league of metros. KFC generally deals with different varieties fried chickens such as chicken burgers, French fries, coleslaw, deserts and soft drinks. KFC has maximum number of outlets in its home country and china and it is trying to increase its presence in India.

KFC Bhubaneswar

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