About MindTree Consulting
MindTree Consulting is an international IT consulting company that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through global software development. Co-headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey,Bangalore & Hyderabad India, the company’s seasoned management team and employees skilled in technology, business analysis and project management approach technology initiatives in a business context. MindTree develops applications to help companies enhance their enterprise operations.

The company also delivers product-development services and designs reusable building blocks for high-tech companies.  MindTree is also present in California and Illinois in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Japan and the Middle East.


•MindTree was recognized as one of the top five “Great Places to Work in India” in 2004: Great Places to Work Study in India.

•MindTree was adjudged one of the “Best Employers in India” for the second consecutive year in 2004: Best Employers in India Survey

•MindTree is the youngest company in the world to combine Level 5 in both CMMi and PCMM

•MindTree was selected as one of Computerworld magazine’s Best Places to Work for in IT for 2002

Offical Website:  http://www.mindtree.com/
Chief Operating Officer: Subroto Bagchi
Courtesy: Mindtree India.

Aptitude Written Test :Four Sections

  • Aptitude (25 Questions, 30 Minutes)
  • Technical (10 Questions, 20 Minutes)
  • Email writing(10 Minutes)
  • Programming(10 Minutes)

1) Aptitude Written Tes
Generic problems were asked… 10 were Analytical, the rest were Quant. They were easy-ok. The problem was solving it in the given time. R.S. Aggarwal is enough.
Technical - Snippets were given, we had to write the output on a sheet. NO MULTIPLE CHOICE. They were easy. Be thorough with control Structures(if,loops) and operators (incr, decr, left shift, right shift)
Email Writing:- They gave us a scenario, we had to write an email. The email doesn’t have to be long, but make sure it’s neat and is grammatically correct. 
Programming:- You have to write a program without using library functions. Many found this tough. ATTEMPT, even though it might be wrong.

Topics to concentrate for written round:
·        Time and Work
·        Pipes and Cisterns
·        Problems on Trains
·        Boats and Streams
·        Calendar and Clocks
·        Probability
·        Ratios and Percentage

·        Number systems

Technical Interview (TOUGH)

Here are some of the questions they asked:-
Tell Me About Yourself.
Write a Program – code of atoi(), itoa() , reverse a number, palindrome, decimal-binary conversion, find no. of 0′s in a given number, remove recurrence of numbers in given integer (11233 should be 123), display * is diamond shape, programs using bit-wise operators
Analytic Puzzles
Questions on basics of c, c++, data structures(they didn’t ask any other subjects)

H R Interview

We had stress interview. Many cross questions, some insulting remarks, shouting , being very rude.
The HR asked lots of G.K. (mostly politics around the world), so read the paper before you go, know who are the cabinet ministers, CM, PM, President, VP, speaker, then PMs and Presidents of other important or neighboring countries.
Personally, I did not do my best in any round , but i was positive and i attempted what i was asked to do[though i didn't know] and showed my interest to learn, I think that was all they were looking for, along with minimum knowledge and intelligence.
So prepare well , ALL THE BEST to you, Hope this helps!

RECENT STUDENT EXPERIENCE- Indore, 3rd and 4th sept, 2012
Hello Dear Friends.

I am hereby sharing the experience of MindTree campus drive in our college. It was a closed campus and hence confined only to our college students. The campus drive was scheduled on 3rd and 4th sept,2012 in CDSE, Indore. We were intimated that the exams will be online.

Before this year, the company came to our college 2 times in 2011 n 2010 but then the exams were conducted on papers and so there were some dilemma regarding the level of paper.

But on d day of judgement, we all arrived quite anxious about what we gonna face by d end of d day.

Then at sharp 9 A.M.  a seminar (pre placement talk) was conducted, where the panel who came for the recruitment gave us the brief intro about the organization and told us that paper will be of 2 hrs and will contain 4 sections viz. Verbal, Quantitative Analysis, Technical section and Logical Reasoning.

The written exam started at 10 AM approx and went till 12:10 PM with a break of around 3 minutes after every section. After we finished our written we were asked to gather in the seminar hall at 2:30 PM to know the result of this round.
Coming to the pattern of paper, it was quite different from what we had seen in various websites. The level of d paper was quite good and it was almost like the Nascom test that is expected to go mandatory from next year onwards.

First the rules, there was no negative marking and one has to attempt d question that appeared on d screen before moving to the next one and there was no facility to skip a question and we cant come back to a question that has been submitted, so I felt dat was harsh on students. The first three sections had 25 questions each and d last had 24 questions, in all there were 99 questions. All of them being multiple choice questions.

In the first section i.e. verbal, contained questions like find out grammatical errors, synonyms and antonyms and also it contained two reading comprehensions.

In the second section, the quantitative analysis d paper was quite easy. There were different sets for everyone with random questions bt what I saw in my part was dat probability n permutation has got d highest weightage.

Coming to third and d most important part i.e. technical section. It had questions from all the major subjects ranging from C, C++, data structure and dbms. Though data structure was d toughest of all and there were questions where complexity of questions were to b evaluated….one example for this I remember is….there was one question to evaluate complexity of product of two diagonal matrix. Overall the section was not that tough but a good one which emphasized more on ur logics.

Then came the logical reasoning section which against all odds was d toughest section in written and questions were quite good and u somehow feel that 35 mins for 24 questions were not enough.

When d result time arrived, d names were called who were supposed to be ready for interview round where HR and technical rounds were merged into one. Out of 150 students who appeared for written only 65 managed to go through the first hurdle. I was one of the lucky students.

Coming to interview round, there were 5 such interview going parallely in different rooms and it was a one-to-one affair between the HR and the student.

Coming to my interview, it started along well and d person who had taken my interview was very polite. He asked me these questions.

1. Indtroduce yourself.
2. What are your hobbies.
3. Tell me about your family.

After this it was all a technical affair. He asked me if I know java, I said yes. Then asked same about OOPs and DBMS and again I said yes and he jotted them down on his evaluation sheet. Questions dat were asked are:

4. Explain virtual function and static method in C++.
5. Write a program for credit, debit and billing for grocery shop.
6. Explain normalization.
7. Then gave few simple sql queries  like insert,update and aggregate queries.
8. Then a result set for a table was given to me and a nested query for d same was asked to write.

This was end of d interview, thankfully I was able to answer all of them. I was d last candidate to enter  and the result was announced 20 minutes after I left d room.

Out of the 65 shortlisted students, only 31 could make it eventually. By god’s grace, I was one of them and was handed the offered letter by HR team itself.

I hope all that I shared above could help you in your preparation. Be confident and give your best.

wish u all the good luck…..
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