Top Ten Torrent Sites of 2013

Downloading Through Torrent:

When we talk about downloading something from internet, 1st thing that always comes to our mind is nothing but the “TORRENT”. From the last decade these torrent sites are providing us continual service in the downloading area. These torrent sites allow us to download nearly everything. Movies, music, software, TV shows, games, applications, books etc. anything just one search in any of the torrent sites and you got the torrent file. Then download it whenever you want.

How you can download through torrents?


Many torrent clients are available in market from which you have to choose one and download it. It’s small software of size less than 3 Mb. We recommend you to download utorrent or bittorrent as these are tested by most of the sites and proven to be the best ones. Now you have to download the torrent file from any site and open it, the download will start at one click. You can also pause or stop the download and when you resume it start from where you stopped. This is one of the best features of downloading through torrent.

But choosing the best site of torrent is a tough job. That’s why we are providing you the Top Ten Torrent Sites. Torrent sites are of two types. One that is free and another is paid, means you have to pay some money to open an account in their sites to download their torrent.

From hundreds of torrent sites in web we are providing you the top ten torrent sites on the number of visits they have. Some of the sites are good enough but disappeared from the web for some legal issues and financial problems. Mininova, BTJunkie, Demonoid are some the sites which are in the top ten torrent sites for the last 5 years but disappeared uncertainly.

List of Top Ten Torrent Sites of 2013:

  1. Kickass Torrents
  2. The Pirate Bay
  3. 1337x
  4. IsoHunt
  5. Extra Torrent
  6. Torrentz
  7. EZTV
  8. H33t
  9. Torrent Reactor
  10. Bitsnoop

All the above sites are the Top Ten Torrent Sites that allow you to download anonymously at any time and as many you want. Besides these some of paid sites are also there like IPTorrent. The best one I have used ever. You have to maintain the ratio by converting bonus points to upload credits and seeding the torrent you have downloaded. But you need to have an account there to download. You have to do some donations. But an existing user can also invite you to the site.

You are the lucky one to be in our site, we are providing our viewers free invitation to some paid torrent sits. Contact us and we will provide you free invitation. Stay up and keep downloading!!!

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